Report from October 19th

The day started dull as I left Hastings. I passed by another South African war memorial. I’d always thought this was called the Boer War but all the memorials describe it as the South African war.
Then it was making my way along the mix of promenades and esplanades leading me to Eastbourne.
Today was the first day I had my flag up. Held up with a mix of divine intervention and Velcro it dead seem to be a hit with people , it did slow things down as I was way laid to talk to them.
It also managed to collide with, trees, bushes , bust stops and estate agents boards with surprising regularity.
It was certainly interesting walking with it when the wind blew up , it took a few adjustments before I stopped it slapping me in the face in a cross wind.
That aside the walk through to Bexhill on Sea was uneventful. I was recommended a cafe on the sea front at Bexhill, my entry to it was enlivened by my flag wrapping itself around a potted plant by the door. Once disentangled coffee and a cheese toaster went down well.
Entering Eastbourne was a little strange there were very few people about except for runners, lots of people doing training runs. Eastbourne is known for its pensioner population. They weren’t in evidence .
The sky was steadily getting darker but I made it to my hotel before the heavens opened.

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