Report For October 17th

Leaving Rye in a steady drizzle I walked to the Rye Harbour nature reserve. Their they gave me free coffee and a rare giant size Tunnocks Caramel bar. Thus fortified I set off into a mix of wind and rain and crossed the flat reserve. Most birds were keeping a low profile except for the cormorants but the weather started to clear and their were some ducks, Scoters, on the sea.
I was accosted by a man as I walked past his garden near Petts Level. He had seen me on Ypres Castle instagram feed from the previous day and was keen to donate.
I had a long chat to cyclist who had also seen me on the feed and I was starting to feel a bit like a celebrity!
Just before Hastings is a National Trust reserve with steep hills and some lovely exmoor ponies who were surprisingly sociable.
The track down to Hastings was very slippery but my poles did their job and despite getting entangled with a runner . I reached the safety of Hastings Promenade and my guest house and a day off.

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