Report from October 15th

I set off from Folkestone under the watchful eye of William Harvey who discovered the circulation of the blood.
I almost immediately came another form of circulation, a park run. As I plodded along into a steady westerly gale , I chatted to the runners as they passed, making comment about the strength of the wind that would soon be behind them.
The path soon dropped down from the hills of Folkestone and I made my way to Hythe.
There I was accosted by a runner who I had made comment to back at Folkestone. He was now with his family and I was duly photographed so one of his girls could use me a homework assignment. “Idiots I met over the weekend?”
The path to Romney was along a long tract of concrete sea defences which were aesthetic in a geometrically stark way.
I then noticed I had a series of messages from my friend Claire who was bringing a banner for me to use to publicise myself as I walked along.
We met in a cafe in new Romney. She bought with her not only a banner but her three chocolate Labradors also known as the chocolate mafia.
We sat and ate cake and drink coffee. I even managed to sneak some to Poppy when Claire wasn’t looking.
We then went for a walk along the beach to Dungeness . Ossian aka Osh I kept a careful eye on as he has a tendency to widdle over things most notably me on the very start of my walk at Slimbridge back in March.
The third member of the Mafia , Seren, followed me at a respectful distance trying to show she was in deed the sensible member of the team.
I left Claire and the pack to walk back to New Romney while I found a place to wild camp in Dungeness , not as easy as it sounds as everywhere is shingle but I finally tracked down some grass amidst some gorse bushes and settled down for the night.

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