Report from October 12th

Sandwich is a very special town with lots of medieval buildings which is on my list to revisit. Then it was off across the Marshes to Sandwich bay, Sandwich doesn’t have a harbour.
Long shingl beaches are the order of the day leading me down to Deal. The sun was out at Deal reflecting off the water and the pier. The coastline soon changed and I was heading into the realms of the white cliffs. My views of these were a bit limited as the weather closed in to a misty drizzle. I discovered that the thin layer of soil covering the chalk had interesting properties when wet. It became very stick and stuck itself to my boots no gaiters while at the same time becoming extremely slippery making descents more akin to a slalom event.
The weather cleared as I passed South Foreland lighthouse. I met a young chap who was also wild camping but heading in the opposite direction to me . He warned me about security guards near the lighthouse while I warned him of. The next two miles being expensive houses and gardens.
Just after the lighthouse was a single track path with a couple of children heading up it. I waited to let them pass. Then I noticed some more behind them . By the time two coachloads had trundled up the path I was starting to get impatient and cold!
I camped overlooking Dover Harbour with the distant tannoy system mixing with the now steady rain on the outside of my tent.

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