Report from October 11th

Setting off from Margate, I encountered the cold water swimmers at the Victorian Todal Bathing pool. I took a cup of tea with them but not a dip!
The coast started to climb and I soon came across more white cliffs.
I was also waylaid by a couple and their dog. He told me his friend was doing a four day walk for charity. Remembering the group who we’d met coming into Margate two days before I said
“Is he walking from Ramsgate to Victoria via the railway stations?”
“How did you know?”
“We met them the other day”
These coincidences happen a lot when you’re walking. I kind of expect them now.
He rang up his friend who was walking and we exchanged tips on dealing with blisters.
Then a little land mark point at North Foreland not only is it on the shipping forecast but it’s the furthest east bit of Kent, that meant now I was heading west towards home, well Land’s End anyway. For a West Country boy heading West is always good.
Broadstairs and Ramsgate are both lovely little coastal towns . On the way out of Ramsgate I bumped into an ex mayor of Sandwich who explained why the Sandwich mayor wears black robes. Some French raider killed one of his predecessors hence the black.
He then very kindly took a rather lost couple from Minnesota in his car to Sandwich. I was left to walk .
The day finished on an interesting note as my B and B had flooded due to central heating leak so my host arranged for me to stay at the local pub. An arrangement that I did not dislike!

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