Report from October 9th

I had another walking partner today, James McDougall from my wargaming days.
He was going to walk all the way from Herne Bay to Margate which despite being fairly level is still a solid 13 miles.
I soon gave him the flavour of the coastal path as the signs vanished and we had to use our skill and judgement to get ourselves back on track.
We followed the sea wall to Reculver where the twin towers of the ruined StMary’s church dominate the skyline and we had a coffee infested with sparrows.
We met a group of railway workers walking 100 miles for MIND from Ramsgate to Victoria station calling at all the stations in between. A feat which they have just completed!
Chalk cliffs had now appeared and the chalk was used to write a wide variety of messages on the sea wall including a bit of mathematical set theory.
We reached Margate in time to have some food and James to catch his train back to Herne bay and me to settle down for a day off Margate.

3 responses to “Report from October 9th”

  1. Hello Steve; I sent a message some time ago, offering you R & R in Seaford, BN25 2PP, but no response. Maybe you didn’t get it? or don’t require it???


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