Report from October 6th

The early part of the day was difficult as the ground on top of the sea defence was very rough with lots of long grass.
However eventually I reached the Elmley nature reserve which is one of the few reserves in the country run by a private farm.
I reached a cafe they had which was excellent. It was there I noticed the large number of cars and a steady stream of birders with huge telephoto lenses and telescopes.
It turned out there were two red footed falcons about. These are very rare and everyone was excited. The problem I had was my route was now blocked by groups of hawk hunters seeking their quarry. I was a bit loathe to push past them in case I scared off the red footed falcons.
I was concentrating on my walking and had left the cafe well behind when I and another birder had a good view of a red footed falcon flying very quickly passed, probably seeking a more private place.
Then it was back over the bridge to the mainland and on to Sittingbourne. Sadly for Sittingbourne it has a waste power station on its outskirts. And it smells. The power station, not Sittingbourne.
The approach to Sittingbourne is very industrial with lots of engineering and boat building.
But the creek has a surprising amount of wildlife including my favourite oystercatchers.

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