Report from October 4th

The day started slightly earlier than I expected as I had made my camp near to, what was apparently, the most popular 6:30am dog walking spot in Kent.
A steady stream of Bassets, Labradors and Labradoodles, all of whom had a fascination in my tent and a keenness to bark about it to whoever would listen.
I packed up with the kind assistance of a fox terrier who was convinced I had a rat infestation and trotted round yapping loudly to keep them at bay.
I walked through the nearby village and then set off along the river bank in preparation to crossing to the Isle of Sheppey.
Another beautiful day was in order and there were an assortment of wrecked boats to keep my interest. I also got a very close view of a Black Tailed Godwit another birding first for me.
Crossing the bridge to Sheppey was made difficult as the signage was keen on sending you round the coast and not on to Sheppey. I was persistent and was soon working my way round the West coast.
Near to Sheerness is the largest car park I have ever seen filled with new cars, not even number plated. The path is a mile and a half between a sea wall and a security fence. It is so monotonous that you do end up reading the graffiti on the sea wall for entertainment.
I reached Sheerness and the first pub I came to was the Goat. It claimed to be the best sports bar in Sheerness. I had a sneaking suspicion it was the only sports bar in Sheerness.
I managed to make an uneventful entrance other than tripping down a step and letting my rucksack knock over leaflet stands and an outside ashtray.
However they were a great crowd and the landlord bought me a free pint.
I noticed the guy next to me had a potato in front of him.
“Why have you got a potato there?” I askeed.
“We’ve had a seven course Irish meal”
“Er, what’s that?”
“Six pints of Guinness and a potato”
I like Sheenrness.

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