Report from October 3rd

One of those days where a diversion was a good thing. The waterfront at Rochester and Chatham is being extensively redeveloped so the path was taken away from there and past the cathedral and castle.
The cathedral is huge and I was lucky enough to go by while the cathedral choir were singing which was entrancing. From there I wandered the streets of Rochester and then Chatham before rejoining the river at the naval dockyards.
From there it was on to more marshes as I walked along the south bank of the Medway. I had a good chat with one of the nature reserve wardens as she struggled to remove graffiti from an information sign. This apparently is an ongoing problem
I also admired her John Deere ‘buggy’ which was left hand drive , but an ideal vehicle for the marshy paths.
The river path was along an embankment and swallows and sand martins hunted along it , gathering food for their long migration flight.
I found a nice little wild camp site away from the main path and settled my self down for quiet night and possibly a little lie in in the morning.

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