Report from October 2nd

Navigating the path after I left my campsite proved tricky as it went through a large holiday camp at Allhallows. The official signage was minimal and they were having improvements done. However I did stumble across the camp shop and had a quick breakfast of coffee and a four cheese bake which didn’t look so much baked as fire bombed but was surprisingly good. I was taken away from the Isle of grain and had to join the Medway to head to Rochester.
Kent doesn’t seem weary committed to the England Coast Path. You get signs for about a mile then you’re on your own gain to work out the route. There is a lot more industry in Kent than Essex and Suffolk so the path twists and turns to go round them.
However the walk along the Medway and into Rochester via Upnor is a really nice stretch with path passing along wooded avenues and narrow streets rather than the usual A and B roads.
The first view you get of Rochester has a decommissioned Russian submarine in the river which contrasts with the castle and the cathedral.
A nice hotel with a free breakfast finished the day off well.

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