Report from September 30th

The morning was foggy and I decided to clear camp and then have breakfast later when the fog was burnt off.
The walk was made more entertaining by the disagreement between my mapped route and the England Coast path signs. This does happen often due to diversions or new agreement with landowners. My usual technique is to go with the ECP signs unless there is an obvious problem.
This time the ECP signs vanished for a couple of miles leaving me to walk in hope along what I thought might be the right way . However I rejoined the path and cooked up some porridge and tea.
For most of the way into Tilbury I was walking along the sea wall although at Tilbury I was walking on the river bank. I did some quick checks on the tide times and fate was on my side.
Tilbury fort is large and out side is a memorial to the 3400 prisoners from the battle of Culloden in 1745 who were hung, transported, drawn and quartered and in one case beheaded.
The ferry from Tilbury to Gravesend is approached across the memories bridge. This is an art installation of photographs of the Windrush immigrants to London. Very thought provoking.
The ferry trip was short and as the rain fell in Gravesend I found my hotel and an ice cream parlour.

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