Report from September 29th

Report from September 29th.
The day did no start tremendously well as I realised due to a path diversion and a navigational error on my part I had too far to walk to get to Tilbury and hence Gravesend. Spent the first hour moving my accommodation forward one day and putting in an extra wild camp near Fobbing.
This went surprisingly well and I carried on round and off Canvey Island. The path left the coast as London Gateway port was there so I couldn’t be.
The path was notable for a couple of problematic stiles and a marked lack of signage other than ones threatening me if I left the un signposted paths. I was relieved to finally reach the White Lion at Fobbing which did do nice beer but sadly no food.
It was there I managed for the first and hopefully only time forget my walking poles,luckily the locals recovered them.
I’m sure you’ve heard the expression “Fobbing someone off” giving them something worthless to satisfy them.
This has nothing to do with the town of Fobbing. Or does it ?
During WW2 the bombing of the refineries at Canvey would have been disastrous. So they built a false refinery with pipes and tanks which they lit at night. When the Germans bombed it they used petrol and explosives to make Germans think they hit the real thing.
And where was this fake site? Fobbing marshes. So Fobbing lived up to its name!

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