Report from September 28th

Made the most of Wetherspoons for a leisurely breakfast then set off , a bit late, to walk to Canvey Island.
The promenade at Southend stretches for miles with the temptation of the smell of fresh do-nuts along the way.
Leigh on Sea was a nice surprise as it had kept it’s character of a small sea side village and still seemed to have a thriving shellfood industry if the boats and sheds were anything to go by.
The walk to Canvey was across marshes again, and I got my first view of a Brent goose. Just as I got near the bridge at Canvey, I met two cyclists who advised against me going to Canvey as “it wasn’t pleasant” they didn’t elaborate on this but I got the feeling they weren’t talking about the view.
SLightly concerned I stopped in Barge Gladys a pub on a boat for, as it turned out, a super heated pasty.
The land lady reassured me about Canvey and told me to look out for the murals.
Walking round Canvey consists of following their sea wall. Canvey has had a history of flooding so they have a big sea wall.
And sure enough there were murals, lots of them, schools, gardening clubs and most other local groups seemed to have had a go. It was a nice touch.
Due to my late departure I ended up putting my tent up in the dark a skill I am improving at.
I drifted to sleep listening to various industrial noises from the refineries and some nearby curlew.

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