Report from September 24th

I set off feeling no worse from the dog bites but still itchy from the mosquito bites. The walk took me to Rochford along the north bank of the river Roach and then straight back out again on the south bank.
There were lots of geese and waders about which helped the walk pass on. I’d planned on a leisurely lunch in Rochford but the only cafe which was in an industrial estate closed at 1:30 on a Saturday. I arrived at exactly 1:30 and Sam’s diner were kind enough to make me up a full English breakfast providing I ate it by the time they closed up.
I managed this but after consuming it in about 10 minutes and wandering off into the industrial estate again I realised I needed a loo.
Thus I ended up attending Rollacity where about 100 pre teens and their parents were roller skating to very loud backing music. I took the opportunity to have an ice cream and use the loo. And had a good chat with the bemused reception staff. .
Then it was back on the south side of the Roach weaving around it’s labyrinthine creeks before reaching my camp site just outside Little Wakering.

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