Report from September 19th

All in all a strange day. It started with Maldon being shUt as people prepared for the Queen’s funeral. There was little traffic and only a few people out dog walking.
I went to the sea front to pick up the path and photograph the Thames Barges there. Then I discovered the zip on my rain jacket had broken and it wouldn’t zip up. This was a major blow as I would need it for winter walking after working out alternatives I ordered some Velcro patches from Amazon to work as an alternative to the zip.
Then I walked steadily along the south shore of the Blackwater river accompanied by flocks of oystercatchers. I met a lovely couple with the softest Labrador and had a long chat about my walk.
I called into Maylandsea and found a bar open. Sadly no food other than crisps so I sat with a blackcurrant and soda and watched the Queen’s funeral on the TV. Even with no sound it was impressive.
I packed up my gear and set off to leave but was waylaid by a chap at the bar who wanted to know what I was up to. The conversation rolled on and Duncan, decided that I could stay in his barn that night and he’d sort me out an Indian meal.
We took our curries back to his barn and I discovered I was sleeping with a vast supply of Christmas puddings that his company sells.
I curled up on a sofa bed and listening to the wood pigeons apparently tap dancing on the roof I drifted off to sleep.

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