Report from September 18th

The walk to Maldon was along the sea wall which bent and weaved around the creeeks and inlets. Old oyster beds could be seen often and there were people harvesting them in the mud much as they have done for hundreds of not thousands of years.
I called in to the Lock tea room at Heybridge that I had been recommended the day before. The young lass who had recommended it to me was working there and seemed genuinely surprised and happy that I had listened to her. There were some lovely raised beach huts here too to photograph.
I made my way to Maldon and a badly planned, by me, short cut led me through building sites, wasteland and a muddy riverbank. However, I did find Maldon military museum with a missile outside.
I stayed in the very old blue boar inn and did some supply shopping in Maldon as the shops would be shut tomorrow.

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