Report from September 16th

This was a shortish day doing a lap of Mersea Island. . The first part of the walk was leaving Peldon and getting to the Strood, the road leading to the Island. Luckily the tide was right out , on a high tide the road can flood spectacularly. My plan was to walk the sea wall round the island but as soon as I crossed I was met by a sign saying the sea wall had collapsed and the path was blocked. Sadly I carried on inland. I rejoined the coast path and some good views of where I had walked a few days earlier and as I swung onto the South coast I could see places where I was going to including Bradwall power station.
On the south coast I met a couple of walkers walking the coast of Mersey in the reverse direction. They had walked the north coast of ath quite happily only having to walk on the beach for twenty yards to bypass the “collapsed sea wall “ . I was not impressed.
However I soon reached my hotel and despite having a room door that wouldn’t open without the help of a master key I had a good nights sleep.

One response to “Report from September 16th”

  1. Wonderful report – what a shame about the collapsed wall!
    What is worse is having your error pointed out to you!


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