Report from September 11th

The day started with a dense marsh mist. The sun gave just enough light to bring out the dew bejewelled spider’s webs. The sun gradually burnt its way through the clouds and Walton on the Naze was bathed in brightness when I reached it.
There was a plethora of blackberries by the path and quite a few people were there with bags and boxes picking them.
Naze tower is very impressive and has three cafes within in a stones throw from it. I gave these a miss luckily and went into the main town and found the Revved Up Tea Bar. This was a motor cycle cafe . Paul the manager was very helpful topping me up with coffee and the bikers were very supportive.
Walton has more bathing huts than anywhere else I’ve been, stacked three or four deep on the slopes down to the sea.
Then it was a four mile walk down the coast to Clacton on Sea with its pier, sadly I found the fire station was a five mile round trip from my accommodation and I was too tired to make the walk to see Craig and his crew.
I slept well that night.

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