Report from September 9th

My first task of the day was to find “old Knobbley “ an 800 year old oak tree in Mistley woods. This venerable tree played a part in the Essex Witch trials and has numerous legends about it. It is very imposing.
Then it was following the Stour to Bradfield. Here they have an unusual wooden structure in the church yard that houses their bell rather than having it up a tower.
I will be revisiting Bradfield in second week in May as that is when the turtle doves join the nightingales in the local woods and I’ve never seen a turtle dove.
It was then a fairly easy and slightly boring walk into Harwich. However Harwich old town had some interesting statues and there was a wooden lighthouse near the old naval shipbuilding yards.
I took my final view of the container ships at Felixstowe.

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