Report from September 8th

A wet start to the day meant a soggy tent at the start of the day. The walk down the Stour was a good mix of river and marsh followed by stretches of oak woodland.
I came across Trevor and his partner digging for lug worms in the river mud. They had driven an hour and a half to get to this spot which not only had Lug worms, which are like big earthworms, by Rag worms as well which are thinner and more active. Trevor does this as a full time job and he could certainly dig at a money making speed.
I reached Manningtree in the early evening and I had a great view up the Stour to see Felixstowe and Harwich.
As I ate an evening meal in the pub the news of the queen’s death was spread around the diners as mobile phones flashed and buzzed their owners.
Every one went a bit quiet then a low murmur as they discussed the end of an era.
I left the pub and people were stopping me as I walked asking if I had heard the news.
I camped in the shadow of Mistley Woods.
By a coincidence the pub where I heard of the queen’s death was called the Crown.

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