Report from September 7th

I left Ipswich following the Orwell, through the dock area, I diverted to use a local laundry as there wasn’t one close to my hotel. I met a lovely lady who had just come back from six years sailing a boat around the Mediterranean and Polynesia with her husband and children. She did give me the useful titbit that marinas often have laundries for the boaters. Always worth knowing.
I left Ipswich under the imposing main road bridge and then it was walking along the banks of the Orwell, periodically diverting to visit little places like Freston.
The banks are covered with oak woods and you got glimpses of the river through their acorn laden branches.
I came upon the Royal Harwich Yacht club. This was a splendid building , open to members and sailors. I briefly debated trying to tell them I was a sailor fallen on hard times but decided against it.
As I approached Shotley I was now opposite Felixstowe again and got more views of containers and docks.
Shotley had a nice little marina and a pub for food.
Finding a campsite was a bit tricky as I had to walk a mile to finally get to a stubble field I could use.

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