Report from September 3rd

A short day planned to rest the knee. Going from my camp to the nearby village of Hollesly , home of the Suffolk Punch Stud.
I visited the Stud and was the only one on the ‘tour’ so my guide Dee and I had a leisurely wander discussing the assorted rather splendid chesnut horses. Originally for farm work there are only 500 Suffolk punches left. The summer drought has hit the trusts funds as they’ve been feeding hay since July!
Suffolk Punches are very solid beasts but they mustn’t be too tall. They are also very friendly or at least hopeful of getting a treat.
I walked into the village and met Di a lady walking her dog. I met her by a garden with a border solely comprising up ended green wine bottles.
We had a chat and I explained I was trying for a pitch on a local camp site. She recommended the pub for a good lunch so I set off there.
I had just finished my lunch in a pub where the beer wasn’t £5 a pint, a much more reasonable £4, when DI reappeared to find out if I’d got a pitch for the night. If not I could pitch on her lawn!
I thanked her profusely and she went on her way. The campsite rang back and after listening to my tail of woe found me a lovely spot by a pond. I left Di a pint over the bar for when she next came in for her kindness.
After a shower and my knee still not swelling up I felt more hopeful.

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