Report from September 2nd

I started the day with breakfast in Orford mainly because they had a nice water fountain to fill up my water bag.
It was all excitement at the cafe as it was one of the waitress’ eighteenth birthday party and she was off “clubbing in Norwich” . This was delivered with the reverence of going to Royal Ascot or a weekend in Paris. I guess compared to rural Suffolk, Norwich is indeed a whole new level of sophisticationn, probably with cheaper drinks.
I made my way across Snape marshes and avoiding the numerous art galleries at Snape Maltings worked my way back to Butley Marshes. It was here whilst standing to one side to let people past me on sea defence that I slipped down the sea defence and gave my knee a good bang. Luckily my walking poles saved me from worse.
Still I decided not to take any risks and called an early camp and spent time on my phone re jigging my accommodation so.i had an extra day to get to Ipswich.
The knee didn’t swell up that evening so I was hopeful, but careful.
As you get older you don’t bounce so well when you fall!

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