Report from September 1st

Today was a walk around the Alde estuary crossing it at the bridge at Snape Maltings.
It was typically for Suffolk a bright sunny day and even the marshes looked a bit brown. The walking was flat and relatively obstruction free apart from the odd gate.
I even got a little cooling from a farmer’s slightly inaccurate watering system.
The end of the wall was the little village of Orford, which suspect to be the most expensive in Suffolk.
When I arrived the only place doing food was the Queens Head hotel. This splendid establishment cost £200 a night to stay in. I got a bit of an odd look from the barman as I asked if I could have a table. They managed to “squeeze me in” to the deserted restaurant. There was an issue with my ruck sack which the restaurant waiter didn’t want in his restaurant and the bar man wasn’t keen on me leaving in his bar. In the end it was concealed behind some chairs in the bar. The food was good however but I was eased out before the hotel guests wanted to start eating. I camped in the tree lined drive of the local stately home with my tent resting inconspicuously behind a stately horse-chestnut.

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