Report from August 31st

Suffolk has definitely not had much rain, village greens are brown and there is no live grass on the verges. Today I was heading to Aldeburgh one of the more well known Suffolk towns. I spent the first half of the day walking dusty tracks to get to Dunwich. Dunwich was a large thriving medieval town till it fell into the sea a fate which could easily befall most of Suffolk.
I had a trek across Dunwich heath and finally caught a bit of luck on the birding front seeing a Red backed Shrike a splendid and rare little bird.
Then it was passing under the shade of Sizewell B. I had been accosted earlier in the day by people protesting about Sizewell C coming. They wanted to know whether it’s presence stopped me using footpaths near it. They were not impressed when I told them I’d lived for 50 odd years near a nuclear power station (Berkeley) and it had never done me any harm. Once I’d passed under it next stop was Aldeburgh which managed to be more expensive than Southwold which took some doing. I was glad I was wild camping as I suspect hotels would be prohibitive.

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