Report from August 30th

Another bright sunny and hot day as I left Lowestoft for Southwold. The coastal path here wes going to be a lot less coastal due to erosion and caravan sites.
However I did have the blue and yellow arrows of the Suffolk Coastal path to guide me.
Turned away from the coast it was in to the farm land of Suffolk and my first sighting of pigs.
They live in corrugated iron arks out in the fields with water and food readily available. They would be as happy as pigs in muck except due to the very dry weather there isn’t any muck. They are quite skittish creatures and would run off squealing if I approached their electric fence.
The new ruck sack is now starting to bed in and I have found a reasonable way to pack it so all my camping gear is ready to go when I find a suitable spot.
Southwold is the home of Adnams brewery and had nice pint with a fish and chip supper. The pub was ridiculously busy and wasn’t helped by a small dog fight in the bar, the dogs were small the fight wasn’t .
There was quite a lot of growling and snarling and that was just the owners 😀
I made my way to camp on the dunes. A strong wind had now blown up and so putting the tent up proved entertaining the pegs didn’t get much traction in the sand. Eventually I managed it and settled down for a noisy night as the wind lashed round my tent

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