Report from August 26th

I was woken from my slumbers in the dunes by Freddie the dachshund, I knew he was called Freddie because his owner was trying to get him away from my tent. Freddie was very unhappy at finding a tent on his beach and was telling everyone so at the top of his voice. I opened my tent flap thus revealing myself to Freddie. This sent him into a towering rage, if a dachshund can have a towering rage. A face to face confrontation with an apoplectic dachshund isn’t the ideal start to the day. He backed off still growling and was recovered by his owner who apologised with the usual “he’s not usually like that” .
Today was a steady walk into Craister and then Yarmouth where I had a bank holiday break booked. The weather was much better today and I struck lucky in Winterton where the village hall had an art exhibition with excellent cheese rolls and tea supplied by the WI.
The path alternated between beach and cliff with erosion blurring the differences between the two. I wasn’t feeling 100% as the day continued and got into Yarmouth with loud music and flashing lights with an incipient migraine.
Crashed in my room with meds , and was glad I had the chance to recover over the next two days.
My new rucksack sat expectantly in the corner of the room.

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