Report from August 25th

The day started with thunder rolling over Cromer with steady rain. I left in a quiet spell between storms but was soon rather damp.
The paths up the cliffs had turned into muddy streams which made climbing them tricky. When I reached the top I found the path was blocked by cliff erosion and a golf course.
I had to go inland and made my way in the drizzle to the village of Trimingham . I didn’t register the significance until I rejoined the coastal path and it took me past an RSPB reserve. Then I realised this was where the Bee Eaters had bred. Even in the dull weather half a dozen hardy souls were pointing telescopes and binoculars at a sandy cliff in the hope of seeing them. The steady rain isn’t something that Bee Eaters don’t relish so hopes of seeing them weren’t high. However our luck was in and a couple of these brightly coloured birds sat on an electric wire and with a telescope we got a nice view.
Buoyed up by this I carried on through Mundersley and then made my way down the beach and onto a long stretch of beach walking before settling into the dunes for a fine night of wild camping.

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