Report from August 24th

After a breakfast in Blakeney which is a smaller town but seems to have more boats than Wells, I returned to the coast itself to walk to Cromer.
I had now got rid of the marshes but they were replaced with miles of shingle beach. Walking on shingle is tiring but I managed to find a sweet spot of beach with a minimal layer of shingle on top of firm sand. The trick here was to set one walking pole longer than the other so as I walked along the steeply slhopping beach I could go in a straight line on my firm sand.
Once past the shingle I got to the sandstone cliffs which necessitated climbing something I hadn’t done since mid July!!!
It was good to get some high views though.
The day was getting hotter and hotter and I had another stretch of shingle to cross. This time with no real sweet spot to make life easier.
As I uploaded on in the heat I met another holiday maker carrying four bright blue slushies for his family. He said there was a cafe a short way ahead. I tracked the cafe up to the top of the cliffs where it sat in all its welcoming cooling glory. Well it would have done if it hadn’t closed 1 minute earlier at 5pm.
I climbed an even higher cliff from where I could see Cromer. I was glad to see my accommodation wasn’t on the far side of Cromer and a cup of hotel tea never tasted so good.

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