Report from August 23rd

Early start from my campsite to get to Wells for breakfast. The path switched and went through pine woods which did give some pleasant shade. However pine woods are not the most exciting of places and I was glad to reach Wells. Getting a cooked breakfast in Wells wasn’t as easy or indeed as cheap as I hoped but I eventually found one.
Wells was a busy little place and whilst they had a Nisa supermarket it was extremely compact. Me and my rucksack and walking poles are not extremely compact. I managed to cause traffic jams of holiday makers as I sought out biscuits and apples. After making my purchases I left the store to pack them outside rather than cause further confusion. Within 15 seconds of opening my rucksack on the pavement there was a queue of mobility scooters trying to get past. Not to mention a number of dogs on their way to the beach.
Finally disentangling myself from Wells it was back to the Marshes again and I set off on a steady plod across the wide open spaces.
I camped a mile outside Blakeney. It wasn’t a quiet evening with a music event about quarter of a mile away and I’d managed to camp under the flight path of several large turbo prop planes flying in to the local airfield.

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