Report from August 22nd

Departing ‘Sunny Hunny’ I set my course along the Norfolk Coast Path which was excellently signposted. In a real stroke of luck I met Jez who was also doing the Norfolk path but as he was recovering from a knee injury he was doing a lower mileage and more importantly our speeds matched.
Walking with someone you’ve just met can be fraught with problems of which synchronising pace is just one. But Jez seemed to cope with me suddenly stopping to take photographs or because I’d discovered some plums growing in the hedge.
We had a good chat as we bimbled along but I’d decided to have lunch in Thornham while Jez wanted to get to his campsite in Brancaster Staithe.
He set off with a wave.
After I had lunch I carried on but noticed I could stay closer to the coast and go more directly if I walked two miles along an A road. When I started this walk walking along A roads was something I hated. I have now built up an immunity and just plod it out.
However I struck lucky here Norfolk Council, God bless them, had put a gravel track for pedestrians in the verge for the whole stretch.
To cap it off at the end of my ‘short cut’ I met Jez again as he finished off the longer route.
We resumed our conversation and carried it on the pub in Brancaster Staithe where he very kindly bought me a drink or two!
Cheers Jez.
I found a wild camp site in the marshes and settled myself down for the night.

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