Report from August 21st

After my break in Kings Lynn it was time to get to back to the sea!
The walk out of Kings Lynn was along the Great Ouse, passing through the docks, all quiet as it was Sunday.
Then back onto the sea defences for more walking through apparently endless marshland.
This path ended as I entered Sandringham Estate. Slightly worryingly this was achieved by climbing a locked gate, and the ‘Private, no access ‘ signs caused more worry.
My route seemed to be passing along tracks, but these tracks seemed to have been claimed by Sandringham. As I had only three quarter of a mile of these to get through and it was a Sunday afternoon I decided to push on. I still had the feeling in the back of my mind that a soldier in a camouflage ghillie was going to spring from the long grass at any moment .
However all was well and the discovery of a group of Bullace trees brightened the afternoon. Scrumping on a royal estate is a first for me.
I then walked through the RSPB reserve at Snettisham which sadly had got a bit of a hammering from fires recently.
Finally I reached the sea coast at Hunstanton. I had finally left the Wash!!! Hunstanton was a thriving seaside town with candy floss, sticks of rock, a big funfair but most importantly it had the sea.

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