Report from August 19th

A bright start to the day and I followed the Peter Scott way along the river Nene. Peter Scott was a pioneer conservationist who set up the Wildfowl Trust in my home village of Slimbridge, Gloucestershire which made it a nice reminder of home as I walked along it. However there was an even nicer coincidence. The Wildfowl Trust’s first breakthrough was saving an endangered Hawaiian goose with a captive breeding program. What has this to do with my walk? Well the Peter Scott path follows the Nene and the name of the Hawaiian goose?The Ne Ne !!
The days ornithological theme continued as I had a nice view of a Barn Owl on the banks of the Wash.
Then back to the marshland , this time a part used by the MOD for weapons practice.
I reached the Great Ouse that leads to Kings Lynn at lunch time and was looking forward to a riverside walk. Unfortunately there is a six foot thorn hedge planted between you and the river so you have a 2 and half mile walk in a field with just the occasional sound of a boat passing to show what you’re missing.
I was hoping to catch whe ferry at West Lynn but this was closed so an extra two miles walk to get over the bridge for a welcome day off in King’s Lynn.

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