Report from August 18th

The plan here was to set off from my camp, have a lunch break at a pub then an evening meal at Sutton Bridge to celebrate my 2000 miles.
The weather was sunny and the day picked up as I saw a barn owl hunting along one of the ditches. Then it was steady walking to get to the Rising Sun at Gedney Drove End. It opened at 12 but as I arrived at 12:30 there was no sign of life and the door was locked. A phone call revealed the pub was shut due to flood damage from the recent rain. Never mind onwards to Sutton Bridge.
Sutton Bridge has one restaurant, it was closed as the Chef was off. So I tracked down the Co-op and sorted out sandwiches. As I ate these on the wall outside the Co-Op a nurse was very solicitous and asked if I was OK and did I need any help? I thanked her and explained I was on a Charity walk. About 5 minutes later I worked out why she was concerned.
There was a small green by the bridge and on it were three homeless chaps , two young guys and one older one.
He called me over and asked what I was up to, two nights wild camping gave me a slightly homeless look I suspect. I quickly got the impression that this chap was not one to be trifled with, one of the youngster tried to ask something and was very quickly put in his place.
I was offered the opportunity to camp down with them that night. Despite my openness to new experience that was one I definitely didn’t want to have. I made my friendly excuses and put a solid two miles between me and them before finding a place to tuck away my tent.

2 responses to “Report from August 18th”

  1. Well I can’t imagine you looking at all homeless after walking such a distance especially if you are still wearing the same anorak you set off in. 🤭
    Perhaps a bit of baling twine around your waist may complete the picture! 😂

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