Report from August 14th

This part of the coast is full of holiday makers stretching from several miles North to Skegness itself.
Families dragging laden carts to the beaches and dragging screaming children from the beaches.
I managed to restrain myself from indulging in the several Karaoke stands on the promenade. I did however try for the first time , a slushie, this is about half a pint of flavoured, brightly coloured ice. Once I had extracted the liquid with a straw it remained to deal with the ice. It would not pour out the glass easily so I resorted to eating it with a teaspoon. I’m not sure if this is etiquette but it did mean I didn’t waste any.
Then it was a walk to Gibraltar point, famed on the weather reports along with Dogger, Lundy and Fastnet.
It is big nature reserve right on the Wash , the cafe there serves breakfast at 10am and with a 12 mile walk tomorrow the late start wouldn’t be a problem.

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