Report from August 12th

The great thing about walking is you never know what is going to happen.
Within 5 minutes of leaving my B & B I stumbled across BBC Radio Humberside doing an outside broadcast by Cleethorpe’s pier. I asked if they’d like to interview someone walking round the coast and they said yes.
I was interviewed by a lovely guy Kofi Smiles, the interview wandered from walking into a chat about how I came to follow Grimsby Town including chants. My visit to see then play 2 days before paid off.
Just south of Cleethorpes I crossed the Greenwich meridian again and set off down a flat , hot and shadeless coast. However I had great views of mudflats and marshes and some very noisy Egrets.
I decided to have an evening meal at the Queens Head, Saltfleet.
This took a bit longer than planned, first I ended up chatting to guy who was going with a group of mates on a first time hike up Ben Nevis. Discussion about first aid kits ensued.
Then I met a guy from Northampton who promised a three figure sum when I finish my walk as MIND was very close to him.
Finally I found a set of skittle pins and balls in the club and whilst not getting to play, they were lay socially on a carpet, I did discover they had skittles in Lincolnshire.
I set my tent up as the sun set.
A good day.

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