Report from August 8th

As I now had an extra day to get to Cleethorpes I took the opportunity to watch the Alpacas being fed at the campsite. . They are quite cute especially the baby ones known as creas. They are very good at dealing with predators such as foxes as a result the fields they graze in support a number of breeding hares taking advantage of the fox free environment.
Then in was a walk along the Humber towards Immingham. Now it was more industrial. I had to cross Immingham docks , I approached along a path with high fences on either side warning be of the penalties under the Ports Act 2004 if I managed to climb these eight foot fences with barbed wire topping. At the end of the path was a metal gate and a button. “Press button before proceeding”, the sign said. I pressed the button.
The button started to flash red and green and a loud klaxon sounded and continued to sound. I panicked a bit at this and thought I had to get through the gate in quick time. It was a tricky gate to open as the floor bolt and gate bolt were on the far side of the gate from me. However 1800 miles of dealing with farmers gates meant I was through it fairly promptly. It was then I noticed the chap in a high vis jacket approaching along the path.
“You’re meant to wait for me to open the gate you shouldn’t be able to open it from your side” he said slightly accusingly. It turns out I had to be escorted across the main road of the port to ensure my safety from the thundering lorries racing to the ships on the jetties.
He sent me on my way and I carried on down the industrial by ways of Immingham. Walking through industrial estates is like going through farms, no signs and lots of potential of injury.
I finally left Immingham and camped on the river bank. I had 6 miles to do the next day before I reached Cleethorpes.

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