Report from August 6th

I discovered I’d been walking on a permissive path courtesy of the Crown Estates as I found a sign near Stoney Creek.
I finally met someone on the path a lad who was walking to the disused army barracks “to see what was going on”.
The path continued in its broad splendour and after about eight miles I arrived at Paull for lunch.
Lunch at the Humber Inn was entertaining. The pub had no one sitting inside and a few people outside. The landlady briskly told me off for putting my backpack on a chair “the locals don’t like bags or dogs on the seats” . The locals were notable in their absence.
I decided to order a steak pie and vegetables .
“Have you seen it’s got a suet crust?” Queried the landlady.
“That’ll be fine”
“Are you sure?”
I wondered if the suet crust had some strange property that eating if you weren’t used to it was going to cause problems or that is was a local crust for local people.
“Suet crust is fine”
The pie when it arrived was delicious with a crust about four inches thick. Served with chips and veg it was one of the best value lunches I’ve had all trip.
The walk to by hotel in Hull , conveniently close to Hull prison , was uneventful and a number of apple trees and blackberry bushes provided a vitamin C boost.

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