Report from August 5th

After a night loitering with in tent it was off to hopefully follow a path along the North bank of the Humber to Hull.
This did not start well, where the path was supposed to leave the road was wooden fence and no footpath sign. I carried on up the road till I spotted a place where I could get to the bank. Unfortunately this meant crossing through the grounds of an abandoned hotel , with a large number of ”security camera surveillance “ “keep out” and “police restricted area” signs. Having had two days not walking by the sea I ignored these. I then got a splendid 4m wide grass path on top of the flood embankment. I walked off down it with enthusiasm. Despite its good maintenance I met no one on it for the rest of the day . Mysteriously there were no footpath signs either.
I then reached another problem, there were some major drainage works being done with a large number of earth moving and digging vehicles sitting silently where the path should be.
I skirted these not wishing to get turned back by enthusiastic contractors. I had to cross a large ditch.
The only bridge was in the security compound where the contractors had their offices. I wandered in , again being greeted by numerous safety signs and instructions to report to the office. I walked through what turned out to be the Marie Celeste of construction sites with not a soul around.
I carried on up the once gain beautifully manicured path but again with no signs indicating it was a footpath.
I carried on watching the beautiful evening light shine on the Humber and camped by the side of the river and watched the light fade over Immingham docks.

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