Report from August 4th

One of the most prominent features of Withernsea are its twin towers , based on Conwy castle, which marked the site of the ill fated Withernsea pier. This was built in 1874 and was the crashed into by a succession of wrecked until a steel ship from Grimsby finally finished it off in 1879.
The route to Spurn head was going to be mainly road but at least this time there seemed to be less traffic, though I did have a police car sirens blaring chasing a couple of bikers.
A very kind lady gave me some plums to eat on my travels and by the mid afternoon I arrived at Spurn Head. This is a nature reserve and very popular with bird watchers. The one advantage of this is when I said I came from Slimbridge they knew where it was.
I walked down to the end of Spurn head a 3 mile promontory sticking out in the Humber. I had a long chat with a chap whose brother ran the Mosque in Cheltenham. We met as we were both picking and eating the wild blackberries which were delicious with a slight salt tang from the sea all around.
Then it was back to the mainland and a wild camp in a secluded field.

One response to “Report from August 4th”

  1. Your reports on FBook seem to have disappeared! Fortunately I am still following by receiving them via email.
    I do wish the idiots that write the algorithms would stop trying to manipulate the things I can see.
    Keep up the good walk.


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