Report from August 2nd

With my new boots firmly laced on I set off on my longest beach walk so far , about 11 miles down to Hornsea. Beach walking whilst being flat can be a bit boring but this section had plenty to look at.
It had been defended in WW2 by pill boxes and concrete tank defences. These provide a marker for the speed the coast is eroding as these can be found 150m from the current cliff line.
Some of the tank defences and ruined pillboxes are now providing rocky shelters for crabs and other wildlife on the beach.
Hornsea was busy little town with the end of the Trans Pennine cycle way there, the other end was in Southport but I didn’t remember seeing it there.
After leaving Hornsea I needed to follow a cliff path as the tide was in.
Unfortunately the cliff path petered out and after a long diversion round a mobile home park I found a cliff spot for my tent. The area was greatly eroded and the farmer’s crop of wheat was falling into the sea.
I chatted to a couple of late night anglers who told me that the section of coast down to Withernsea had no path and the beach route was tricky due to cliff falls.
It looked like an inland walk tomorrow.

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