Report from July 31st

I was woken by the sound of rain pattering on my tent at 2am. Good, I thought , it will have gone by 8am. Wrong, it was raining harder at 8am. I wanted to get going so I could watch the Euro final at 5pm in Bridlington. So I duly packed up and set off into the rain , and by now, fog. I was passing one of the prime birdwatching sites in the UK at Bempton Cliffs. Due to the rain and fog I struggled to see them and they I suspect struggled to see me. To rub salt in the wound the next day a Turkmenistan Shrike was reported there the next day. If he was there when I was there he was very sensibly hiding out of the foul weather. I did see a few sodden gannets and a couple of water logged kittiwakes but was glad to find a cafe open where I had a breather surrounded by an every growing puddle of water as it fell off my clothes.
The weather did clear by lunch time and I made my way along the slippery paths towards Bridlington. A local lifeboat station was having an open day and I ended up admiring the tractor they used to launch the lifeboat. It has its engine sealed to prevent water getting in but it’s tyres are filled with air and water to stop it floating away in the sea.
I got into Bridlington at 4pm and Heather had arrived at my digs with my new Walking boots. My current ones will have done nearly 2000 miles so a change was needed.
Then it was off to the local hotel to watch the football. I was the only one watching at the start but soon more people turned up and at one all extra time beckoned. It was then they started the Kareoke. This did not go down well with those watching the football and when one of the singers strayed near us someone explained to him exactly where they would shove his microphone and at what angle. It was good that England won as it would have got very heated if we’d lost!
A couple more pints and back to the B&B , a good end to the day.

One response to “Report from July 31st”

  1. You report of 31st July.
    Amazing that I must have missed this post but it has just arrived here.
    27th August. 🤔
    I have seen your new boots on FBook. 🤣


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