Report from July 30th

After a day off in Scarborough I walked round the headland to pass through the South Bay. This is a lot busier than the North bay. With a big hotel and lots of candy floss.
In one of those delightful chances a chap on a bench asked where I was going and we had a bit of a chat. It turned out he was doing a walk across Scotland. When I passed through Scotland on the way to Berwick I was warned of the midges that would attack me. I was kitted out with midge repellent and a midge net for my face. Midges clearly have standards which I did not reach as I never saw hide or hair of a midge and the repellent remained unopened. It seemed pointless carrying them for six months through the midgeless coast of England so I donated them to Craig Boozeingfrombivvy Fisher and hope they will prove useful.
Next stop was Filey when it started raining but this didn’t dampen the Jamaican party that was cracking on at one end of the beach.
There was a considerable amount of cliff erosion and I ended up walking along the beach as the cliff part of my cliff path had fallen down. Eventually I set camp a few miles west of Bempton cliffs as the rain started to fall steadily.
The tent proved its mettle by being quite easy to put up in the rain. Next test will be a gale.

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