Report from July 28th

This was a 14 mile hike to get me into Scarborough and a day off. The route was quite hilly and the climb from the Alum mine to the village of Ravenscar was worthy of the Wales Coastal path. Luckily there was a National Trust cafe at the top. Ravenscar has an interesting history. In the late 19th century it was marketed as a rival to Scarborough and Blackpool as a holiday resort. A lot of land was sold speculatively but nothing was ever built and the Nation Trust picked it up in the 1950’s.
Further along I met some volunteers from the North Yorkshire Park Authority tidying the path. It is easy to forget how many man and indeed woman hours are spent in building and maintaining the paths that we all enjoy using. Then it was more climbing and Scarborough came into view.
There were tents on view but not Scarborough fair but the Sea World attraction.

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