Report from July 25th

The day started with me tastefully reclining on the grass verge of Teeside Industrial estate eating a large breakfast from a polystyrene container courtesy of the Snack Shack..
Then it was a walk to Redcar through more industrial sites, sounds and smells of Middlesbrough.
The route was brightened up by some clever signage on the Teeside path, and artwork on the walls.
Also there were a good number of blackberries en route to keep up my vitamin C levels.
I met a guy coming back from near Redcar where he had gone to take a last look at the steel works , where he’d worked for 32 years, before it was finally demolished. With mining , steel and fishing going the North East isn’t having it easy.
I arrived in Redcar about 10 minutes before the skies opened for three hours. I holed up in a beach cafe for the duration.
I set off for Saltburn and called into the local pub where I tried Parmo which is a Teeside dish consisting of fried breaded chicken with a cheese sauce. It was filling which was good. Then a wild camp on the dunes.

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