Report from July 23rd

After camping on a cliff top near Horden. my next mission was breakfast. After having been waylaid by several people as I took my tent down, all friendly and cheerful, I set off for Horden.
On the way I met a chap and asked for his recommendation, he suggested the local corner shop did hot dogs and I could try there. I was up for something more substantial than hotdogs so sought out the cafes of Horden, nominally there were three, one was clearly gone and the other two clearly shut with no sign when they would be opening.
Disappointed, I headed back to rejoin the coastal path and breakfast would have to wait until I reached the next town at about lunchtime. I passed the local corner shop , a hot dog would be better than nothing. I stuck my head in found they’d do a pork roll with stuffing and gravy and a cup of coffee for less than a fiver. It was excellent.
And the moral of this story is always listen to locals, they know you know.
The weather took a turn for the worse as I entered Hartlepool and it would be a long trudge through the less salubrious parts of Hartlepool to my B and B.
Then I found something I did not expect to find in the middle of Hartlepool. A hedge bordering some wasteland that was about 100 metres of Bullace trees. Bullaces are a wild plum that look and taste like cherries. Wild, rare and absolutely delicious.
To a country boy like me foraging in the hedgerows is always a delight so my day ended sweetly with the taste of Bullace.

One response to “Report from July 23rd”

  1. An interesting day it seems.
    It sounds fascinating about the bullace trees – presumably the day the developer moves in the wild trees will be gone!


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