Report from July 20th

Finally leaving Whitley bay, I set off South to Tynemouth, on the promenade at Cullercoats I got into conversation with a local who told me about the grotto, a hotel built into the cliffs near Whitburn.
As I passed through Tynemouth I saw rows of memorial benches one caught my eye it memorialised three men of the same family who all died within the last 15 years all under 40.
The coast took me down to the river Tyne, it was here I had take a ferry in North Shields to South Shields. This was a short trip 7 minutes, that cost £2.10. It did give some good views though.
However, South Shields presented excellent value lunch at a cafe near the Market £6.00 for mince and dumplings and a coffee. From there a plod round South Shields before picking up the picturesque coast again.
I reached the grotto and took the lift down to the restaurant by the beach. I noticed they did rooms there. I asked on the off chance if they had one for that night. They did. I took the opportunity. My slight excuse being this was my 100th day of walking, I’d been away 122 altogether.
I had a lovely room, a private beach and a seafood restaurant that did a great dish of Mussels washed down with Newcastle Brown.
Finished the day watch England beating Spain the Euros , a good day.

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