Report from July 14th

The day started slightly worrying with a power cut in my B + B but luckily they cooked with gas so my ever important breakfast was still good to. And it went.
The England Coastal path was now putting up signs as if there was no tomorrow, finger posts, stickers and even metal reflective signs in case I was planning to do it at night.
They are also very keen on reminding which way you are going so the signs are for England Coastal Path (North) and England Coastal path (South). Hopefully I can work out whether I am heading North or South. The sea is a pretty big clue.
I visited another Ternery where they have Little Terns which are quite rare. Unfortunately they insist on laying their eggs where the beach floods. The wardens have to put the nests and eggs on top of plastic crates so they don’t wash away. This may explain their rarity. They also have marauding foxes to contend with so it’s a 24 hour operation there. This year they have raised 50 chicks a record for them!
Next stop was Craister which is the place to get kippers and smoked fish apparently. I had a fish platter in the Jolly Fisherman as I don’t have the culinary gear to cope with kippers in my tent.
I spent the next few hours seeing the ruins of Dunstanburgh castle from a variety of angles, it is an impressive if tattered sight.
After a 19 mile day I set up camp a mile or so outside Almouth where I would get breakfast tomorrow.

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