Report from July 11th

A short walk today from Beal over the causeway to Holy Island where I had found some accommodation. This was incredibly lucky as they are usually booked up months ahead.
The tides meant I needed to be up early to get across the causeway before it flooded. Once on Holy Island I did a detour and walked round the North coast where there were some empty beaches and a roe doe.
There were also a large number of seals but they were well off shore so I made my way to the village and had a look at the ruined priory and images of the Lindisfarne gospels. The effort they had put into the religious life was amazing, both in the building and the detail of the manuscripts.
I also sample some Lindisfarne mead 14% so not too much!
Then a meal in the shadow of the priory ruins and a leisurely amble to the castle.
Thoroughly recommend Holy Island as much for a spiritual top up as anything else.

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