Report from July 9th

After my problems with fallen trees the day before I was keen to get out of the forest and make my way to the coast at Berwick.
Even following what looked like a straightforward track still involved a mixture of climbing and limboing fallen trees with a bit of neck high bracken thrown in.
I was relieved to finally reach the road and then it was a 12 mile road walk to Berwick.
This included an exciting four miles along the A1. I am now immune to fear when a car transporter thunders by four feet away.
Berwick on Tweed was a revelation when I got there with a picturesque harbour full of swans and an old footbridge leading into the main walled town.
I was relieved to get a meal down me and a bath and a bed. Tomorrow I start the coast again.

One response to “Report from July 9th”

  1. You probably needed a good cleansing after walking through bracken (yuck) and coping with the disgusting fumes whilst walking alongside a major road. Hopefully the English coastal path will be more supportive!

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